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October 8, 2006

What has feminism done for me?

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Maxine, over at Petrona, has tagged me for a meme, asking what five things has feminism done for me… I’ve been mulling it over for the past couple of days– it’s hard to think of just five things, as I think that every aspect of my life has been affected by feminism in one way or another. But here are some of the things I feel I should thank the feminist movement for:

1. my right to vote. Although this is a very obvious one, I feel it is nevertheless important. People are still dying today– fighting for this basic freedom– and it annoys me no end when people (male & female) tell me that they’re not going to vote, quoting such excuses as ‘it won’t make a difference’, ‘they’re all the same anyway’ or, the worst in my opinion, ‘I can’t be bothered’. humph!

2. my right to as much education as I could wish for. Hideous to think that without the feminist movement I wouldn’t even have made it to University, let alone managed to get through a masters and then a PhD. My mind would be infinitely narrower than it is.

3. my right to talk to men, without aspersions cast upon my character. What would good dsociety have thought of me living with 4 blokes I dread to think.

4. my right to choose when, or even if, to have children.  Definitely want some (eventually), but haven’t felt ready yet and am immensely grateful that I have been able to actively decide not to embark on that path yet.

5. my voice– the ability to express my opinion and have it valued and taken seriously.


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