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July 16, 2006

End of a whirlwind

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I haven’t blogged for over a week now– starting to feel withdrawal symptoms! But it has been a rather hectic week– two weddings, world cup final, Mum & Dad staying, annual visits to relatives and old family friends, theatre outings, exhibitions… Just packed Mum & Dad off into a taxi to the airport– the house is feeling rather empty now 😦 But on the plus side, I can get back to blogging!

I must say that weddings are simply the best kind of parties. Everyone does something a little different, and yet there is a common theme to all of them– a gathering of family and friends to celebrate the love and affection two people feel towards each other. I am always overcome by the tremendous warmth of feeling, good-will and general happiness that you find at weddings. And I have definitely become more sentimental about them since going through my own. Nowadays I always get choked up with emotion and find myself shedding a tear or two at some point in the proceedings. So two in one week has been quite emotional…

First one was a great friend of mine from my University days. I was a bridesmaid (is 30 too old to be a bridesmaid?) I was, of course, very touched to be asked and had great fun in the lead up to the wedding, choosing materials and helping the bride find the right outfit and make-up and flowers etc. And I was even rather pleased with the outfits selected for the bridesmaids. Although the colour (champagne-gold & ivory), which we had only seen a swatch of, turned out not to be the most flattering for my slightly-larger-than-I’d-like bottom, which ended up looking like a large, shiny, gold Christmas bauble…. Oh well.

Second wedding was a very different affair– it was my brother’s in fact. Very small gathering at the local registry office (they’re planning a grand party for next May). But it was equally emotional (although I got to wear a dress of my own choosing so looked decidedly better than last week!) I still can’t quite believe that my little brother, who I still think of as a kid, has got married.

Yes, indeed– I simply love weddings.


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