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October 14, 2006

LIFE through time

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This week’s Science magazine points to a beautiful website called LIFE: A journey through time. It is a collection of stunning photographs, that tell the story of life on earth since its first beginnings.  You can view them as a slide-show, or look at them in an annotated timeline. You can also click on each photo to find out more about both the photo and the time/process it’s illustrating. Some pictures come with video or audio add-ons too.

I’m not terribly good at taking photos, so always marvel at really good ones. And the pictures on this website are wonderful. In addition to the amazing wildlife shots like this one of a tarsier, there are some gorgeous landscape photos.

And you can learn about the history of the earth as you go along. The website also includes a list of links for those interested in natural history– educational resources, museum listings, conservation groups and relevant books.


July 2, 2006

How happy is it today?

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According to the global happiness survey, the world is 4.43 (out of 5) happy today!

This is a rather silly survey (thanks to Lewis for pointing it out), but includes some interesting comments. Seems like most of our happiness levels are dictated by how we fare in our love lives. Quite funny to see what makes people tick. Here’s a selection:

Fairly Happy in Canada because:
things seem to be making sense

Very Happy in United States because:
i am learning to be a rock GOD with the cutest girl EVAR!!

About Average in United States because:
I’m sick and lonely.

About Average in Israel because:
Death, meaningless of life, etc getting me down, but I’ve got a good video game so it kinda balances out
Very Sad in Ireland because:
because my feelings arent being returned and its killing me

Very Happy in United Kingdom because:
my pee no longer hurts

Fairly Sad in United States because:
my boss doesn’t recognize the work i do

Very Sad in Israel because:
matriculation exam in physics tommorow and i don’t know anything

Very Sad in United States because:
because the balloon my sister was sitting on just popped.

Very Sad in Switzerland because:
she hates me

Fairly Sad in United States because:
Because i’ve wasted my life

Very Happy in Canada because:
I am happy because my business partner won’t be late for our meeting at 10:30am

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