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January 8, 2007

Back to the grind

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It’s official. Holiday season is over. Christmas tree is down– after much sawing on Saturday, all done in the living room because it was peeing down with rain all day. And back at work.

Amazing how holidays pass by so quickly. We had a wonderful time over x-mas– out in Mexico with all my family– sitting by the pool and soaking up the sunshine…

Got back in time for New Year’s Eve down in Exmouth, Devon, with some old friends of ours. It’s an interesting place to see the new year in in, as the whole town gets geared up in fancy dress and has a huge street party (best costumes of the night were a gaggle of traffic cones (if gaggle is an appropriate collective noun) that seemed to spend most of the night wandering round the streets squatting down to divert police cars).

An interesting thought on fancy dress– we didn’t see a single Father Christmas out in town. You’d think it would be a really easy option– someone must have a costume left over from the week before. Yet it didn’t appear to have occurred to anyone– perhaps because Christmas is most decidedly over as soon as the sun sets on Christmas Day?

Wishing you all the best for a happy 2007… I leave you with a nice sunny pic of the breakfast table in mex…



December 24, 2006


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As planned, we went off to Tepotzlan yesterday, where Lewis & the boys climbed to the top of a big mountain to see an old pyramid, Tepotzteco, whilst my brother and I wandered around the town’s Saturday market sampling local delicacies and looking for last minute christmas presents…

The mountain is covered in small animals that in Brasil we call coatis (not sure what they’re called in English or Spanish):


 Today we’re immersed in christmas preparations– had much fun trying to ‘infuse’ the ham with honey, which essentially consisted of my mother getting a giant syringe from the local pharmacy, filling it up with honey and injecting this giant ham from every which direction. But every time she stuck the needle in and squirted the honey in, it came shooting out from one of the other holes!

Goodness knows what it’ll taste like 🙂

December 23, 2006

A long break…

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I am ashamed to see that I have been neglecting Ichabod in the run-up to Christmas… This time of year is always so hectic– endless christmas parties, well-wishing, present shopping, present wrapping, present exchanging. Not to mention frantically trying to cram 4 weeks worth of work into just two so that you can take some time off…

It’s all been chaotic. But now finally I have some time to stop and take a breather. We have all come out to Mexico, to spend Christmas with my mum & dad & all my siblings. We arrived yesterday and it’s simply blissful… Not just being with the family, which is always a delight but it’s so nice to have a slower pace of life for a bit.

The sun is shining and I spent the whole first day by the pool soaking up the rays and enjoying a good book (Georges Simenon). 

We’re off to Tepotzlan later this morning to climb a pyramid, wander round the marketplace and eat vast amounts of tacos. hmmmm.

will let you know how it goes later.

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