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October 20, 2006

Paint galore

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Anyone who enjoyed the Sony colour bouncing balls advert will love this next creation using paint explosions in what I assume is a soon-to-be demolished building…



October 14, 2006

LIFE through time

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This week’s Science magazine points to a beautiful website called LIFE: A journey through time. It is a collection of stunning photographs, that tell the story of life on earth since its first beginnings.  You can view them as a slide-show, or look at them in an annotated timeline. You can also click on each photo to find out more about both the photo and the time/process it’s illustrating. Some pictures come with video or audio add-ons too.

I’m not terribly good at taking photos, so always marvel at really good ones. And the pictures on this website are wonderful. In addition to the amazing wildlife shots like this one of a tarsier, there are some gorgeous landscape photos.

And you can learn about the history of the earth as you go along. The website also includes a list of links for those interested in natural history– educational resources, museum listings, conservation groups and relevant books.

September 17, 2006

Marmite spice jars

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A tip for the marmite-fans amongst you…

We get through quite a bit of marmite– and for some time now have been converting empty marmite jars into colourfully painted spice jars. Not only are they perfect for storing spices (because they’re really dark so no light gets in), but you have all the fun of painting them too.

We had a couple of empties lying around, so spent the afternoon adding to our collection…


July 17, 2006

Paint it Pollock-style

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For those of you who like the expressionist painter Jackson Pollock (and even those of you who don’t), check out this website: http://jacksonpollock.org.

You can create your own Pollock-style painting, complete with spatters! Great for kids too– my two year old goddaughter got the hang of it within miliseconds and is addicted to the site now! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to save one of her creations, but here is one of mine:


July 16, 2006

Rake art

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I’m afraid I’ve forgotton which blog I saw this on, so can’t give a proper acknowledgement… But here is a set of photos–created by Lenny & Meriel–of ‘rake art’. They use a rake to create patterns in the sand and then take aerial photos of the designs using a kite.


A few years ago, I spent a glorious summer on the island of Pabbay (outer Hebrides of Scotland) and have fond memories of rigging up a camera to a kite and taking air-photos of the island’s beaches– although the most creative we ever got was making ‘sand-angels’. I wish we’d thought of rake art then– I think it’s simply beautiful.

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