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November 4, 2006

Sell your soul– on ebay.

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Feels like an absolute age since I had time to sit down and read anybody’s blogs, let alone write anything down. But mum and dad flew back out to Mexico yesterday, so slowly getting my feet back on the ground. And what has been happening in my world for the past 10 days?

Well, highlights would include my oldest stepson turning 14 last week. We had 10 young teenagers round to the house for a ‘sleepover’. I say sleepover, although there was very little sleeping that I could see. More like ‘pizza, crisps and videogames over’.

Another highlight– The Canterbury Tales at the Gielgud Theatre (part 2). I think the run finished this weekend, so bad luck if you missed it– it was great. Very amusing and incredibly ‘bawdy’– everything we’d hoped for. Although not quite what Dylan (the recently turned 14 year old) had been expecting though. His eyes widened a little when the curtains went up to reveal a man baring his bottom to the audience. But it wasn’t until the summoner’s tale– when he’s describing how all friars live up Satan’s arse and get farted out at regular intervals– that Dyl turned round and said ‘it’s not exactly like chitty chitty bang bang is it?’

But top highlight of the week was when Harry (aged 10) came home and told us with great delight that you can sell your soul on e-bay. And– you can get £20 for it! That’s a lot of money to a 10-year old and he’s seriously considering it. After all, he said, if he feels he can’t live without it, he can always buy one back later!


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