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October 31, 2006

Happy halloween

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No time for blogging– mum and dad still in residence til end of this week, so all very hectic. And trick or treaters turning up every 2 mins…

But we have found time to make a pumpkin, and I just wanted to wish you all a happy halloween. And to wish Minx very good luck with her fabulous book launch ce soir…



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  1. Very nice effort! We didn’t get around to it this year, and though I rushed home from work I didn’t get here quite early enough for my traditional role of “person who does not mind being trick or treated” for the neighbourhood party-goers, average age 5.
    Our porch light was broken (the partygoers are all very well behaved and only knock at your door if you have a pumpkin or some other indication of willingness, so I stuck a lamp in the front window and draped last year’s Jenny costume (fabric with silver webs) on the bay tree outside. Worked a treat and I divested myself of a giant-size bag of haribo mini-treats and two giant bags of mini-smarties.

    I looked in the girls’ “sweet tin” for reinforcements, and found that it was stuffed full of out-of date sweets, eg chocs from last year’s xmas tree. So threw them all out. Luckily (?) when they came back from their party they had a couple of cauldrons full to replenish the stocks. And so it goes on…

    On the shoes, by the way, why not go internet? Next (next.co.uk) is good, v good stock control/delivery system, and good range of shoes — boots, sandals, impractical evening spike heels, trainers, men’s lace-ups, etc. Clothes good too. If something does not fit you can get it refunded at your nearest Next shop, so all painless. They deliver you a whopping Next Directory twice a year (for which you have to pay about three quid).

    They are good for teen clothes too — the shops don’t usually seem to have this size range, but I can recommend their catalogue selection. Sorry to sound like an ad, but these kinds of things are life savers if you are like me…no time, etc.. and if you do have any you’d prefer to read than shop.

    Comment by Web editor — November 1, 2006 @ 8:56 am |Reply

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