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October 17, 2006

Cryptic crossword

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I’ve been working on a cryptic crossword for a project that my lovely friend Maxine (a.k.a. Petrona) is doing at work, and she has kindly let me put it up here as well. So here you go– have fun!


* Starred clues are of a kind and lack definition.

   1 Funds for flu victims? (7)

*  5 Day passage. (7)

   9 Dangerous ruin — good to take down. (5)

10 Dine on bean… seconds? (7-2)

11 Insect wing. (3)

12 Hardwood from east Bolivia is taken to New York. (5)

*13 — R (5)

14 Conducted about Dover. (5)

*16 Boxer takes some rest. (9)

19 Pool tribe out to make a quick buck. (9)

20 Drink with heavy load in charge. (5)

*22 Endless ache in interminable Youth Training Scheme. (5)

24 Softwood taken by graduate who left South America. (5)

26 Dry broadcast. (3)

27 Superior upper shore damaged. (4,5)

29 Some haemophiliacs have a hip bone. (5)

30 Lycra worn by the French and Scottish essayist. (7)

*31 Tire me out without right. (7)

   1 Pleased about having blown the house down? (7)

*  2 Carry snake to tree-top. (9)

   3 Gold coin for scout. (5)

   4 Sad to see rancid flour rows. (9)

   5 Peculiar joke. (5)

   6 Frozen jewels? (3)

   7 Churchman beheaded for crime. (5)

   8 Penguin for entering Rome backwards. (7)

13 Public awareness has little importance. (5)

*15 Hidden in the gazebo at Kew. (1-4)

17 Sign up for sour lemon rent. (9)

18 Marquee Evita put up with care. (9)

19 Note unknown fashionable fortune-teller. (7)

*21 Caught at Delphi perhaps? (7)

23 Cuban soldier reversing into car. (5)

*24 Empty force within. (5)

25 Bail out one with witness. (5)

*28 Even theory. (3)



  1. Yikes! I definitely need to make time to do this crossword. The girls are off to York for a couple of days tomorrow so maybe I will have time while they are away (half-term). We put Nurture to press next week, and as soon as all the other people further on in the chain have done their bit ;-), I’ll send you a copy or two (assuming I can get any).
    Thanks again for your creativity, Sian.

    Comment by Web editor — October 20, 2006 @ 8:28 pm |Reply

  2. If you have more I’d be delighted if you would post them on the cryptic crossword clue site at

    Comment by budtangerina — December 25, 2006 @ 9:40 am |Reply

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