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October 4, 2006

A quote for novelists

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It seems to me that novelists are often mis-understood– you (for many of you who read this blog seem to be novelists) all strike me as exceptionally creative people, incredibly in touch with your feelings and picking up on the emotions of those around you. I think it is difficult for many ‘non-novelists’ to understand this– or to appreciate how amazing it is to always be full of new, original and often beautiful (even if not in the conventional sense) ideas.

I am reading ‘Evelina’ by Fraces Burney at the moment– a Victorian novel (what else?!) about a young girl entering society. But the theme of this book is not what I want to share. Rather, it is the first sentence of the Preface that Burney wrote, which made me smile– novelists, it seems, haven’t been fully appreciated for at least the last 150 years…

“In the republic of letters, there is no member of such inferior rank, or who is so much disdained by his brethren of the quill, as the humble Novelist: nor is his fate less hard in the world at large, since, among the whole class of writers, perhaps not one can be named of which the votaries are more numerous but less respectable.”


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  1. The gentleman who wrote “A Ship Made of Paper” said “A novelist is someone who sits around the house in his underwear, trying not to smoke.”

    Comment by Douglas Bass — October 5, 2006 @ 8:29 pm |Reply

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