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September 2, 2006

I’m back!

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Well, I daresay you’ve all forgotten me by now, it’s been so long– but I haven’t forgotten you. Can you believe it has taken us 5 weeks to get broadband up and running? First we had to disconnect the old house– a few days. Then we had to get a BT landline– a week. Then we had to get BT to take the new house off their broadband database, because we needed to go with someone else. They said it would take a week. But in fact it took 4. Four weeks of us phoning up every day to say ‘is it done yet’? And them saying ‘no, not yet’. How difficult can it be to press the ‘off’ button? Finally, we had to get the new broadband box delivered and activated- 1 week. And the last day and a half poor Lewis has been setting up all the different computers and laptops round the house to work wirelessly. I am delighted to say that my little Mac was the only one that caused no problems. Gotta love Mac.

And finally, here we are! New house is fab. So much space, we’re simply rattling around. And it is such a joy to be able to be doing something in one room whilst the kids are doing something in another! No longer do we have to get stressed out by rainy days where, in our old flat, we would have been all on top of each other and crawling the walls by the end of the day– here, we can run up and down the stairs and wander around only occasionally bumping into each other. It’s a real novelty.

We’re still unpacking. Well, we’ve got the books out which is all that you really need to make a place look lived in (that was a whole day of my pedantically laying them all out in alphabetical piles and organising them on the shelves, then taking them down and re-organising them — call me sad, but arranging my books is one of my favourite pasttimes!)

And here are a couple of the little things that I never knew meant so much to me, but from which I derive real pleasure every time I use them:

1) a bin (a full size 50L standing bin– no more tiny bin under the sink which gets full within 5 mins)

2) a cutlery draw (hmmmm- cutlery can get put away!)

3) a loo roll holder attached to the wall

4) a dishwasher (even the kids don’t mind doing the washing up now!)

5) a loo seat that stays up without blue tac (for the boys of the house)

6) an airing cupboard to put towels & linen in

7) a recyling box

8) a full size freezer

9) sash windows that stay up without use of a wedged screwdriver

10) no elephants upstairs.

Am totally loving the new house.



  1. So pleased for you, the house sounds great. There is no better thing than space when the family is growing. More rooms mean more harmonious relationships and somewhere to escape to – I speak from experience!
    Glad to have you back
    With love from big-house-minx

    Comment by Minx — September 2, 2006 @ 8:54 pm |Reply

  2. Welcome back, Sian! The house sounds lovely and the new look of the blog is very nice too.

    Comment by Susan — September 3, 2006 @ 4:34 am |Reply

  3. Ah, no elephants – that is a boon indeed. We had to scribble a polite note to our elephants just last week, politely asking them not to assemble flat-pack furniture at 2am.

    Comment by James — September 4, 2006 @ 9:26 am |Reply

  4. Glad to have you back, Sian!

    Comment by Douglas Bass — September 5, 2006 @ 6:19 pm |Reply

  5. Ahh but will they (the male of the species) put it down again? That’s the true test of a civilised man or boy.

    Totally with you on the book arranging.

    Malcolm and I were very anxious about moving in together, having lived in separate (tiny) flats — the imminent arrival of Cathy providing the spur to combining resources in a house. I remember well how the fact of having lots of rooms was the saving factor, as we didn’t have to see each other if we didn’t want to. Nice!

    Hope you have a lovely time in the new house, I am sure you will.

    (Next step — each inhabitant to have their own laptop. Essential, I have found!)

    Comment by Web editor — September 9, 2006 @ 7:34 pm |Reply

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