Ichabod is itchy

August 20, 2006

it’s raining it’s pouring…

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up here in the peak district– but a ray of light in that i have borrowed our friend’s internet connection for a short itch… we have successfully moved– beautiful house + beautiful garden, but internet is taking somewhat longer than anticipated to get up, so will probably be silent for another week or so.

Meanwhile, we have abandoned our unpacking for a couple of days up here in the peak district, with some friends of ours. Despite the grim weather forecast and even the weather presenter saying ‘abandon all outdoor plans this weekend’, we still put on our walking boots yesterday morning and trudged up and down dales and in and out of forests. Only had two showers all day (although sky was grey throughout). There’s something very refreshing about going walking when it’s cold and grey and threatening rain. Invigorating, Lewis says– certainly put a flush in our cheeks!


August 3, 2006

All boxed up

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Boxes, boxes everywhere, and not a place to sit! Well, we’re all packed up– and this will probably be the last blog entry for a couple of weeks as we’ll be off broadband tomorrow and it apparently will take 2-3 weeks to get it set up again at the new house (have to wait for a phone line first)…

Too exhausted to type any more– have been scrubbing all the floors and walls all day and my fingers have lost all feeling… (hope the people at the house we’re moving in to are as considerate in cleaning up before they go or we’ll be scrubbing all weekend as well!)

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