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July 3, 2006

The big three oh

Filed under: life — by ichabodisitchy @ 9:33 pm

30. That’s how old I am today. Definitely different than being twenty-something (although, of course, my ‘official’ age is still 28). And it seems that once you cross the three oh divide, everyone comes crawling out of the woodwork to tell you you’re too old to do this, that and the other anymore…

As I was putting on my make-up this morning, I was lifting my rather lovely Lancome kohl brown pencil to my eye when my head was suddenly filled with the voice of a former flat-mate ‘Women can’t carry off pencil eyeliner on their bottom lids after 30…’ My hand wavered and, I’m horrified to admit, stopped after the top lid was done– too scared to break the ’30 rule’. Silly isn’t it? (I was wearing it yesterday!)

Everyone has been rushing to tell me about the rest of the things I’m ‘not allowed to do anymore’. A selection:

– not allowed to have long hair (well, not half way down your back anyway)

– not allowed to go bra-less

– not allowed to show one’s knees

– not allowed to shop at H&M

– not allowed to snack on chocolate all day long (goes straight to your hips after thirty apparently).



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIAN!!! Don’t let ’em fool you – Thirty is the BEST age of all! Old enough to do whatever you want to do, and Young enough to do whatever you want to do. No more listening to other peoples’ ridiculous pronouncements on ‘right ‘and ‘wrong’. Make up your own mind and stick with it! If you feel good in full eye makeup, it’s good. If you want hair down to your knees, who are ‘they’ to tell you otherwise? It’s your life and at thirty you make the rules! Take my word for it, this is the first day of your best years. Now slather on that eye-liner, hitch up your skirt, and party on!!

    Comment by Susan — July 4, 2006 @ 12:19 am |Reply

  2. hApPy BiRtHdAy!!

    Let me know how it goes being 30 – it’s my turn next year.

    Comment by James Long — July 4, 2006 @ 9:02 am |Reply

  3. At the moment- it’s hot. hot hot hot. but maybe that’s the same for everyone in london!

    Comment by ichabodisitchy — July 4, 2006 @ 6:42 pm |Reply

  4. Happy birthday!!! A summer baby!
    Well, my “life” began at about your age — 29 in fact — the year I got my job at Nature and began seeing Malcolm. You already have a lovely husband (from his picture, at least!) and this year you’ve started a great new job, so it is all up and up from now on.

    I think you should definitely carry on doing all those things in your list. Except keep an eye on the chocs as I think one tends to put on weight more easily as one gets older and one’s metabolism slows down.

    Now, I am just over 50, and I keep thinking “when will I have to start looking respectable and:

    Wear make up
    Wear tights
    Wear smart clothes and not casual
    Be “prim and proper” and get shocked by young people’s behaviour
    Act my age
    Make (or try to make) people treat me with respect
    Have people stand up for me on the train or bus (fat chance!)
    Stop riding a bike
    Get embarrassed at sex scences in books and movies

    anyway, you get the picture — hasn’t happened yet so if I am anything to go by, there is plenty of revving up still to be done. One concession: I dye my hair now.

    Comment by Maxine — July 4, 2006 @ 6:56 pm |Reply

  5. 🙂 This made me laugh Maxine– I can’t imagine you getting prim and properly shocked by young people! I do feel like life is just beginning, but seem to feel that every year– maybe it’s because every year for the last five has included a ‘life-changing’ event, be it getting married, buying a flat, getting a PhD, getting a first job, leaving a first job, buying a house….

    Comment by ichabodisitchy — July 4, 2006 @ 7:09 pm |Reply

  6. 30 is the new 20, Sian.

    Comment by Douglas — July 5, 2006 @ 12:41 pm |Reply

  7. How about 50 being the new 20, Douglas ? 😉

    Thanks for the boost, Sian. Getting old is funny because you don’t “feel” any older or different, but you do have a sense of “seen it all before”…..reinventing wheels etc.

    Off to POTC 2 tomorrow for a dose of Johnny Depp rejuvenation….

    Comment by Maxine — July 8, 2006 @ 8:10 pm |Reply

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