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June 9, 2006

World cup fever

Filed under: football,reflections — by ichabodisitchy @ 4:17 pm

Having grown up in Brasil, I can't help feel a little tingle down my back as the world cup finals start. I'm sitting in front of the first game as I type, waiting for kick-off…

and they're off. Costa Rica vs Germany– the first of 64 football games where legends are made and dreams of glory crushed (for most!) The funny thing is that, although I do still enjoy watching a good game every now and then, I really don't follow league football anymore. I used to as a kid (Corinthians was our team) but sort of lost interest somewhere in my early 20s. 

[Goodness- first goal of the match. Germany have scored– Philipp Hamm– beautiful goal].

Where was I? Yes– having lost interest in football. But there's something special about the world cup. And something happens to people at the start of a world cup (at least, in England it does). Everyone has such high hopes and there is a real feeling of optimism in the streets. It happens for the Euro cup as well. Everybody smiling, flags waving and it feels sunny even if it isn't. The brotherly love doesn't stay for long, as we invariably get booted out in one of the early stages. But it's good while it lasts.

[Costa Rica have scored– amazing! that was some poor defence. He just walked right into the goal!] 

I've drawn England out of a hat for our world cup sweepstake. But that's not why I'll be cheering for England. I want to hang on to the general feeling of optimism around for as long as possible. Go England! (and Brasil– would be disloyal for anyone who's spent any time living in Brasil not to cheer for them!)



  1. Agree with you about the camardie.
    Poor Jenny, who adores the Czech Republic in these things, was in a draw at her childminders and got Paraguay, Ghana and two other similar, so is very fed up as she now thinks she has to support them.
    Lucky you being able to support Brazil as they will probably win (based on 20 year old information but they do seem perennially good.)

    Comment by Maxine — June 9, 2006 @ 9:39 pm |Reply

  2. Does the US has any chance of getting out of it’s group, much less winning?

    Comment by Douglas — June 10, 2006 @ 4:30 am |Reply

  3. History dictates that the answer will be no Douglas!

    Comment by Minx — June 10, 2006 @ 7:27 am |Reply

  4. My brother tells me it was Philip Lahm scored last night, not Hamm. Teach me to pretend I know anything about football. Sounded like Hamm on the tv!

    Comment by ichabodisitchy — June 10, 2006 @ 2:06 pm |Reply

  5. I normally despise football and all the dumb wittering it induces in otherwise intelligent people, but the World Cup is a bit special – haven’t watched a match yet though . .

    Comment by skint writer — June 10, 2006 @ 3:07 pm |Reply

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