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May 24, 2006


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Lewis has pointed me to the wonderful world of pandora bots, where you can create your very own chatBOT virtual personality. You can assign your chatBOT a 'basic' personality and then train her (or him) to answer questions as you would (well, that's the idea anyway!). This is done through a basic set of fields that describe the basics like favourite colour, where you live, what you name is etc. On top of that, you can keep track of the conversational logs your bot has with the 'public' and, if she doesn't give the answers you like, train her based on those specific questions (or broader ones via use of a wild character "*").

Pandora bots is created by ALICE, using AIML (Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language), and has many options for customising your bot, particularly if you want to pay for bells and whistles like a talking bot. The subscription talking bots offer lots of customisation– voice, facial characteristics, clothes, background, movement etc. But there are also four 'standard' characters if you want to just try them out first. These can't be customised in terms of how they look, although you can assign them different voices. Each one comes with 500 free text-to-speech 'streams' per month.

I have set up ichaBOT– my virtual personality. She has a picture (that doesn't look like me in case you're wondering) and even an English accent!

There is also a text-only version of ichaBOT but trust me, the text-to-speech streaming is worth it. I'd recommend asking who Lewis is.
ichaBOT is still being trained– the more questions you ask, the more I'll be able to customise her, so please visit her and have a chat.



  1. Great Bot! Reminds me a bit of ELIZA. “Come, come. Elucidate your thoughts.” Then it would crash. Grand old days.

    Comment by Ian Hocking — May 25, 2006 @ 10:16 am |Reply

  2. Or the talking moose– “Get back to work. Boy are you lazy”. Now that I have a mac (although not a sexy new macbook) I’ve just downloaded a ‘new’ version of the talking moose and he pops up every now and again and comes out with all sorts of witticisms, although have yet to hear the ‘boy are you lazy’ of old.

    Comment by ichabodisitchy — May 25, 2006 @ 6:53 pm |Reply

  3. I *have* to get a Macbook, and if I see any more pictures of the black one I’m going to break and get it, even though I’m paying a stupid amount money for black spray paint.

    Moose, eh?

    Just downloaded it.

    Oh dear God.

    Comment by Ian Hocking — May 26, 2006 @ 10:06 am |Reply

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