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May 22, 2006

Happy birthday Conan Doyle

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As somewhat of a Sherlock fan, I loved Google's nod to his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, on today, his birthday. They've made a customised Google logo:

 conan_doyle_res.gif[Other customised logos available from the official Google logo site]

Seems timely for Nick Rennison's new biography of Sherlock Holmes, for which I was reading a review in yesterday's Observer. 'Surprising as it may seem', writes the reviewer,'most people think of William Sherlock Holmes as a fictional character, the creation rather than the silent partner of Conan Doyle'.

I must confess I am one of 'most people', not having realised Sherlock was 'real'. Delighted to hear, however, that the real Holmes had all of the fictional one's flaws– he was apparently addicted to drugs and obsessed with Professor Moriarty and the Fenian underground, just like the Sherlock I know and love. And that he prevented an assassination attack on Queen Victoria. (I hope I won't find out next week that Dr. Who saving Queen Victoria from werewolves was also 'real'!).

I love the grumpy side of Sherlock Holmes– he can be so pompous and disagreeable and yet I still love and adore him, and Conan Doyle even more so for being able to bring him to life in the pages of his books. 


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